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Premium Quality Nutritionals

Hemoplex Liquid Concentrate®
For superior absorption

Hemoplex Liquid Concentrate®, an ultra-fast, convenient, and easy-to-digest iron supplement featuring 28 fruit and vegetable extracts, vitamin B complex, and Vitamin C to maximize absorption and aid blood building. Hemoplex Liquid Concentrate® provides complete absorption in a naturally sweetened delicious cherry flavour.

What is unique about Hemoplex Liquid formula versus the caplet version?

Hemoplex Liquid Concentrate® offers an even greater variety of wholesome nutrition in this ultra-fast and convenient format. The form of iron used – iron pyrophosphate –provides superior absorption, with consistent colour and taste properties versus other liquid iron sources. Hemoplex Liquid uses similar B complex vitamins and features an added boost from 28 potent fruit and vegetable juice concentrates specially chosen for their blood-building and protective antioxidant properties. This fruit and vegetable juice concentrate blend supplies key nutrients such as vitamin C, bioflavonoids, chlorophyll, copper, zinc, and manganese to help support healthy blood levels of iron.


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Hemoplex Liquid Concentrate®

• Builds Blood
• Supports Immunity
• Enhances Energy

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